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The State of the Deer Rifle
Posted 11/18/2016: More than any other passion, the pursuit that defines the readers of Outdoor Life, and arguably most sportsmen in America, is deer hunting. Taking that one layer deeper, the piece of gear that is most central to deer hunting is the deer rifle. Yes, we chase whitetails and muleys with shotguns, muzzleloaders, and bows, but the deer rifle is the most enduring symbol of the sport. See more >
NBS Fall 2016 Team Athletic Market Recap
Posted 11/18/2016: The Fall 2016 Team Athletic Market was held from November 14-16 at the Fort Worth Convention Center. In a very uncertain team environment, we were cautiously optimistic for a strong show. The phrase which resonated the entire show with the majority of our Members and vendors was “engaged” and our membership seemed energized and enthusiastic. See more >
NBS Hosts Firearms & Ammunition Business Development Meetings
Posted 11/18/2016: With meetings being held during the week of a presidential election this year, many vendors were hesitant to release pricing and programs for our upcoming Spring Semi-Annual Market. While there was a change in the atmosphere towards the end of the week after the election results were announced, this still made progress in our meetings slow as vendors were continuing to work on their pricing and specials for 2017. See more >
NBS Hosts Hunting Apparel/Footwear Business Development Meetings
Posted 11/18/2016: NBS concluded another successful round of Business Development Meetings for the Hunting Apparel & Footwear categories at the end of October. See more >
5 Business Tips For Companies During Deer Season
Posted 11/02/2016: Hunting season is finally here: The most wonderful time of the year! Time to head out to the tree stand and enjoy the fruits of your labor? Well, yes and no. Sure, it’s time to embrace the whole reason why you live and breathe the outdoors lifestyle — even in your day job — but it’s also time to laser-focus on the task at hand, and that is growing your business. See more >
Arby's Takes a Stab at Venison Sandwiches in Select Locations
Posted 11/02/2016: Fast-food chain Arby’s will begin testing venison sandwiches in select markets by the end of the month, the company announced October 26, 2016. Arby's venison sandwich features a thick-cut venison steak and crispy onions with a berry sauce on a toasted roll, according to the company. See more >
NBS News